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Healing For Pets

Animals respond well to Reiki and I.E.T. (Angel Therapy). I know from my own dog and cats how relaxed they are when I give them a treatment. They will lie on the floor or on my lap, completely at ease. They also know when they’ve had enough and walk away. Usually ten to fifteen minutes is sufficient for a cat or dog. More time will be required in respect of larger animals.
I have a particular affinity towards cats, dogs and horses. The treatments can be used for illness as well as injuries. They can be used alongside veterinary treatments to help speed up the healing process. 
Our pets suffer from the same symptoms that we do, such as stress, fear, anger, heartache. By giving your pets a treatment they will begin to release those negative emotions.
It is best to treat animals in their own environment so as not to add to their stress and anxiety. I am available to travel. 
Fee: €25 for small animals. €35 for larger animals. An additional fee to be negotiated for travel outside a radius of three miles from Clonmel.

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