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 Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. It refers to the shape of the energy vortexes that are found in the etheric body of each human being. These chakras are found in a vertical line down the centre of the body, front and back. Each chakra regulates the organs and endocrine gland in its area. The endocrine glands then act as transducers to the dense physical body with their hormonal secretions.

As the chakras are intertwined with the functioning of the endocrine glands it is important to maintain a healthy chakra system to ensure optimum health.

A full Reiki treatment includes all the major chakras and body organs. 

  Crown   Pituitary Gland The upper brain and right eye.
Spirituality, enlightenment and wisdom.
When blocked you may feel frustrated. 
Potential health issues include migraine and depression.
  Third Eye   Pineal Gland Lower brain nervous system.
Sinus, ears, nose and left eye.
Higher intuition. 
When blocked you may feel afraid of success. 
Potential health issues include headaches and blurred vision.
  Throat   Thyroid Gland Metabolism, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, neck, arms, throat.
Associated with communication. 
If blocked you may feel anger. 
Potential health issues include overactive thyroid, skin irritation.
  Heart   Thymus Gland Respiratory, circulation, immune system, heart, lungs, upper back and shoulders.
It is the centre for love and spirituality. 
If it is blocked you may feel indecisive and afraid of being hurt. 
Potential health issues include high blood pressure and insomnia.
Solar Plexus   Pancreas The digestive system, liver, spleen, gall bladder, small intestine, stomach and middle back.
Associated with personal power. 
If it is blocked you may feel confused, lack confidence and experience depression. 
You could have potential health issues with diabetes, food allergies and liver.
  Sacral   Gonads Reproductive system, lymphatic system.
Blood, large intestine, urinary tract, kidneys, lower back and skin.
Associated with creativity, self-worth, intuition and emotions.
When blocked you may feel a lack of energy and intemperate. 
You may have potential health issues with your lower back or suffer from constipation.
  Base   Adrenal Glands Pelvis, bowel, bladder, bones, legs, knees, feet.
Associated with survival, security and safety. 
If blocked you may feel fearful or insecure. 
You may have potential health issues with knees, hips, obesity, anorexia nervosa, arthritis and osteoporosis.


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